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Activities & Events Calendar

Activities & Events

There’s always something happening at The Maplewood. Each month we publish our calendar in The Maplewood Times and here for your convenience. See what your friends are doing and join in. Try a new class, take in a concert or sing in the choir. It’s up to you. In fact, it’s not uncommon for residents to suggest an activity that becomes a popular standby. So take a look and find your place at The Maplewood.


  • Google Calendar users, subscribe by clicking here (while logged into your Google account; the activities calendar will automatically update itself)
  • Outlook users, import by clicking here (you will be prompted to download an .ICS file; you must import the .ICS file into Outlook in order to view the activities calendar; in order to receive an updated activities calendar, you must re-download and re-import the .ICS file)