Long Term Care financing needs an "Intervention"

It was getting late the other night and I needed to unwind. I sat down in front of the TV and found myself doing some rapid channel surfing. I came across a TV show called "Intervention". The show was focused around a person who at one point was living a normal life and had all the promise of being a very successful individual until drugs and alcohol slowly sapped away all the good things that the person had going for them. Slowly this person lost it all and was on the brink of death. It became obvious that the only hope for the person was a radical turnaround of getting back on track somehow. Family and friends gathered in a room where the person was tricked into showing up and being confronted by each person. One by one, the message from all gathered in the room was the same. The person either went to rehab or all the their friends and family would walk away from the situation forever. The person would only be left and surrounded with others who were hopelessly lost. The story ended with the person going to rehab and being helped to get out of the situation.

New York Long Term Care Medicaid - A Steady Transformation

It has been a wild roller coaster ride in New York State government since Andrew Cuomo took the reigns.  Governor Cuomo was saddled with a very tough financial situation and has made some good headway in beginning to get our State back on it's feet again.  One thing that everyone agrees upon is that there is still a long way to go.  As we search for solutions, one basic concept seems pretty clear.  State government is either going to need to do more with less or completely discontinue programs and services that have been offered in the past.  The last few months has revealed what some of these changes are to be in the area of Medicaid reimbursement for Long Term Care. Providers are beginning to see what the future will look like.