Maintaining Peace of Mind... Getting to Know Maintenance Technician Steve Woodley


When traveling a career path that requires an encyclopedic knowledge of how things work, one might be surprised to discover that it’s just as important – if not more so – to know how people work. That’s exactly what maintenance technician Steve Woodley has discovered, and welcomed, since joining The Maplewood.

Stars Are All Around Us

Image of dartIt's time to say goodbye to 2012 and move along. What will the New Year hold? If you’re like us, we like to “re-rack” and see what we might want to tune up and change. We’ll ask ourselves questions like “what has gone well and what do we absolutely never want to do again?”

What are the most memorable events of 2012 for you? We all have different thoughts about what might top the list, but for most, it was something that hit the mainstream news or something you saw on TV. The mainstream media has an interesting effect on how we see things. It also impacts how we see ourselves fitting into it all. I saw something recently that made me stop and think about 2013 and what I need to do better. I wanted to take minute and share it with you.

Too Many Brooms in the Broom Closet?

Photo of closetIt’s the time of year for me that every nursing home Administrator loves. Christmas? Spring break or our birthday? No it’s The Maplewood's turn for the annual New York State inspection.

Being a participant in Medicare and Medicaid requires that the facility be inspected by the NYS Department of Health at least one time every 15 months. It’s a surprise inspection where 6 people from the Department of Health walk into your facility unannounced and camp out for four or five days. The facility and its practices are inspected from stem to stern. All this has been created to assure a certain minimum level of quality still exists in the facility since the last inspection. In the last 27 years of doing this job I can tell many stories about these inspections. I suppose every Administrator has a favorite story about one of these inspections and I am no exception. It happened 10 years ago or so and I want to share it with you.

Maplewood Honors - Annette Bobeck

There are certian people we run across as we go through our lives that really stand out as examples what is good and worth aspiring to become.  I pause for a moment to share with our readers such a person.  Annette (Toni) Bobeck passed away last week after a long and hard fought battle with cancer.  We will always remember Toni as our hero for so many reasons.  I would like to share a couple of those reasons with you in this writing.

I remember back in the early 70s when Maplewood was moving from Lake Avenue to the Village of Webster.  It was a time of great change for my parents and great stress in our family.  It was also a time of opportunity to meet new people and greatly add jobs to the Maplewood payroll to take care of the increased number of Residents being cared for at Maplewood.  Toni joined the staff as a part - time night nurse as a way of making a little grocery money while at the same time raising her family. 

Nursing Facility National Trends - Fall 2011

Last week I attended a national conference on Long Term Care and Assisted Living.  There was the usual lineup of hundreds of vendors attempting to convince one and all that the product they were selling was something you just needed to have.  The opening session was a long talk by a man named Daniel Pink who is the author of a new book called "Drive".  Mr. Pink is a bit of a futurist who talks about what our world will look like in the coming years.  There was the usual array of educational seminars that talked about how to fill out this form or that form or who would be the next regulator to sue your facility and put you about of business.  I have been attending these events for 25 years.  They are usually about the same from year to year but this year there was a perceivable difference.  Something was in the air that was not quite there before.

A Face Lift for "The Maplewood"

Let me guess.  You just typed in the old and came up with something you didn't expect.  Something completely different.  As you go from one page to the next you find yourself asking "Is this really a nursing home website?"  If we have come close to describing any of your feelings as you go through our new website, then I count it as a success.  Our tag phrase is "Distinctly Different" and we aim to fulfill this phrase in as many ways as you can imagine.  Hopefully the great effort put forth in this new site will