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Long Term Care

A Memorable Year... 2012's Top Blog Entries

As we bid a fond farewell to 2012, with its many memories and special moments, we thought to share with you our 10 most-read blog posts published this year. Not only do these article provide an enjoyable look-back at 2012, they also provide an overview of some interesting skilled nursing-related topics that we'll continue to cover in 2013.

Stars Are All Around Us

Image of dartIt's time to say goodbye to 2012 and move along. What will the New Year hold? If you’re like us, we like to “re-rack” and see what we might want to tune up and change. We’ll ask ourselves questions like “what has gone well and what do we absolutely never want to do again?”

What are the most memorable events of 2012 for you? We all have different thoughts about what might top the list, but for most, it was something that hit the mainstream news or something you saw on TV. The mainstream media has an interesting effect on how we see things. It also impacts how we see ourselves fitting into it all. I saw something recently that made me stop and think about 2013 and what I need to do better. I wanted to take minute and share it with you.

New York Long-Term Care... Medicaid Changes Ahead

Big changes are ahead for New York residents who need long-term care services and rely on the Medicaid system to pay for those services.

Governor Cuomo has endorsed a plan that has been put together by his long-term care Medicaid task force. Under the new plan there will be a heavy reliance on what are referred to as Managed Long-Term Care Plans (MLTC).

Maplewood Podcast Episode 2: Long-Term Planning

Our second podcast episode touches on long-term planning. Maplewood Owner and Administrator Greg Chambery shares his thoughts on this important topic. As we’ll learn in the podcast, making long-term plans as early as possible helps yield greater choice when the time comes for making decisions about skilled nursing care.

Additional Resources:

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Searching for the "golden arches"? It's not that easy

How many times have you pulled off the interstate in some unfamiliar off-ramp or town looking for a bite to eat? Similarly, when you go on a long vacation that requires several days of driving, have you ever needed to find a hotel at the end of the day? There are certain things I look for in these situations when I am hungry or need a place to sleep. I don’t know about you but I usually feel more comfortable if I am able to pull into a place that I can trust and have some idea of a minimum standard. Sometimes it might not be exactly what I want at the time but the reliability factor makes me go back there.

Remember and Cherish

Life's challenges can become the basis for positive remembrance and tradition

In life there is death... both figuratively and literally. Although we will all be confronted with the passing of a loved one, there are many other losses that take place during the course of life. Divorce can feel like “a death of a family”. Empty nesters might have a similar sentiment especially for the first few years. Significant life changes, such as moving to a different school, city, or country, can trigger feelings of grief. Surviving these feelings during the holiday season can be particularly challenging. One of the biggest stressors we put on ourselves is pretending nothing has changed... when in reality everything has changed! Psychologists say people who are grieving often go into seclusion for fear of depressing those around them.

The best treatment for grieving is to be with other people.

Healthcare - Where's My GPS?

My wife and I recently hit a milestone of celebrating our 25thwedding anniversary.  2 years ago we decided we would celebrate by taking an extended trip to a place we had never been before.  It was a trip of a lifetime that was filled with great memories that will last forever.  The best laid plans could not have prepared us for all that we experienced.  Part of the adventure was an element of the unknown.  Everything was strange to us.  People spoke a different language, and as a result, any of the signs that may have given us a hint as to a sense of direction were of no use to us.  We basically were down to instinct and other familiar constants like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.  We found ourselves relying solely on the people that were around us.  The only way we could communicate with them was by gestures and pointing.  Anyone watching our performances could have a good laugh.  We ran into people who were both very nice and helpful and others who took advantage of us and in some cases steered us in the wrong direction.  It was a humbling learning experience for both of us.  While reflecting on all of this I got to thinking about what we do at The Maplewood and the fact that there are solid parallels between the experience of my wife and I and the Patients and families at The Maplewood who we are privileged to serve.    

A Recent Personal Experience - Canadian Healthcare

Image of Canadian flagI recently spent a few days with a group of guys who came in from all over the country. We had guys from Texas, North Carolina, Michigan and Florida. There were also two from Canada. We all get together once a year and play golf and share stories about family and the good ole days. This year one of the guys from Canada kept asking me about Long-Term Health Care. This was a new experience for me since most other years I had always been kidded about working in my profession. It was a totally new experience for me to listen to his insight into taking care of a sick parent.

Common Tour Questions, with Helpful Answers, Part 2

Welcome back! Today we’ll conclude our two-part series on common tour questions. As with Part One, I chatted with Lisa Davies, Director of Social Work Services, to learn more about what’s on the mind of our visitors as they tour The Maplewood in search of long term nursing care.

Nursing Facility National Trends - Fall 2011

Last week I attended a national conference on Long Term Care and Assisted Living.  There was the usual lineup of hundreds of vendors attempting to convince one and all that the product they were selling was something you just needed to have.  The opening session was a long talk by a man named Daniel Pink who is the author of a new book called "Drive".  Mr. Pink is a bit of a futurist who talks about what our world will look like in the coming years.  There was the usual array of educational seminars that talked about how to fill out this form or that form or who would be the next regulator to sue your facility and put you about of business.  I have been attending these events for 25 years.  They are usually about the same from year to year but this year there was a perceivable difference.  Something was in the air that was not quite there before.