Congratulations to our five newest CNAs (certified nursing assistants) for completing their training and certification at The Maplewood. Jenna Caufield, Kayln Ivery, Nicole Junco, Kristin Marcoccia and Terri Rook all finished their 4-week, state-approved CNA course run by The Maplewood. They have also passed their New York State CNA certification testing.

With their in-facility training and state-required certification complete, the newest additions to our employee family have begun their work at The Maplewood as CNAs. Joan Weise, Director of Staff Education enthuses, “Our new CNAs are now completing their mentorship stage, and are performing wonderfully as they carry out their assignments. I’ve really enjoyed working with our latest group and am happy to see them demonstrate The Maplewood Way while they care for our residents.”

Well done Jenna, Kayln, Nicole, Kristin and Terri! Our residents and their loved ones will certainly benefit from your dedication to caring at The Maplewood.